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    A Grave Injustice - This talk was well promoted in my home town of Beaconsfield and drew an audience from around the county. See the next image.
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    A Grave Injustice - Extract from a review: "Is the Turin shroud a fake from medieval or even earlier times? And, if genuine, does it really show us the face and body of Jesus brought down dead from the cross, wrapped for burial and laid in his tomb? David Rolfe, with the help of his film, A Grave Injustice, provided a large audience with forceful answers to both questions. Tony Fearn
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    This talk was presented in conjunction with Pam Moon's Shroud Exhibition at Our Lady of the English Martyrs Church in Cambridge. It was one of two talks - the second from Professor Peter Wadham, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge who is on Turin's Shroud Science Committee.
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    Christ the King Sixth form college in Lewisham where Marie Carver-Hughes (right) presented me with one of my largest and most sceptical audiences of the year. I am pleased to say that question time overran.

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    A delightful residential music college just outside Bergen, Norway. Question time also overran and extended into a convivial supper with the students. (In Norway, a generic science school text book uses the Shroud as an example of how science works to reveal the truth. Mmm…Normally it does so these students were surprised to discover that a text book sometimes needs to be questioned, too. Great credit to my interpreter, Erik Larsen, on the left.

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