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Who is the figure so enigmatically depicted on the cloth?

"It is either the most awesome and instructive relic of Jesus Christ in existence or it is the most ingenious, unbelievably clever, product of the human mind and hand on record. It is one or the other. There is no middle ground." Author, John Walsh

I contend that to anyone who has taken the trouble to investigate the matter for themselves - with an open mind - the claim made above by the author, John Walsh, is likely to be their conclusion, too. If this sounds unlikely just look closely at the images above. On the left is the image as it appears to the eye. On the right is the same image in black and white and rendered as a negative - i.e. with light and dark reversed. Try and ignore the patches running up both sides. These are scars from a fire in 1532.

I have made a study of the subject through four documentaries made over a period of over forty years and winning a BAFTA and other international prizes in the process. If you think the C14 test carried out in 1988 was the last word on the subject view the film
A Grave Injustice below. I give regular talks on the subject and welcome enquiries from anyone interested in arranging one.

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David Rolfe

Producer/Director and Editor of the British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter.

The "independent" invigilator of the C14 test was the then Head of Research at the British Museum, Dr. Michael Tite. Among his duties was the selection of the C14 laboratories who would carry out the test. He was offered the next Headship of the Oxford Radiocarbon laboratory but only if Oxford was one of the labs chosen from those vying for the task.

Of course, this would not happen if for any reason the test did not proceed. When the test's protocols, which Tite himself had stipulated, had to be abandoned he should have abandoned the project. However, he had too much to lose if this were to occur. The rest is history.

I have put this to both Professor Tite and his employers at Oxford University and invited them to sue me for defamation. I am still waiting.

Decades after the test and when, thanks to the test, the Shroud had become, for many, only a distant memory and even an object of ridicule, Tite gave an unguarded and off-the-cuff interview to a BBC World Service reporter.

He ridicules people like myself and many others who have defended and even championed the Shroud and then, acknowledging the absence of any explanation for the Shroud's image, when pressed by the reporter, he gives his own theory. I will leave you to judge the degree of plausibility this deserves.

The British Society for the Turin Shroud has published its Newsletter for over fifty years. Its archives remain available through Shroud.com.

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